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The Love and Money eCourse



Stress Less.


Connect More.




For too many couples, money is messing with their relationship. It’s causing tension, and holding couples back from living their best lives together. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Love & Money eCourse is designed to help couples get stronger in their relationship and their finances, so that they can start moving together toward a more confident and generous future together.


Take the Love & Money eCourse, and you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of why you and your partner relate to money the way that you do
  • Learn communication tools and stress reduction strategies that will equip you to overcome your love and money challenges
  • Set goals based on your values, so that you can start living out the love and money story that God is calling you to create


Our 200% Money Back Guarantee

After completing The Love & Money eCourse, if you have not gained the tools and understanding you need to positively navigate money with your partner, we will refund 200% of your purchase price. Simply email a copy of your completed Storyboard to loveandmoney@brightpeakfinancial.com and we will happily send you 200% of the purchase price. Limit one refund per couple.